AMAL Human Development Network launches new research on fatherhood in Pakistan

A presenter at AMAL's fatherhood research launch event in Islamabad, Pakistan on June 28, 2016.

MenCare partner AMAL Human Development Network, with the support of Trócaire Pakistan, has led a qualitative research study on fathers’ roles in preventing gender-based violence. The study’s results, published as a research brief, explore what Pakistan’s fathers believe (and how they behave) when it comes to caregiving, household participation, and gender-based violence (GBV).

The study finds that, in Pakistan:

  • Fathers’ participation in care work is limited;
  • Large power imbalances remain between male and female family members; and
  • Parents continue to raise their children to conform to traditional gender roles.

In its recommendations, the study highlights the importance of expanding group education and community advocacy to engage fathers in nonviolence and care, as well as reforming national laws and policies to better protect women’s rights.

The study and its results were unveiled at a launch event in Islamabad, Pakistan on June 28, 2016. The event shared key research findings and encouraged participants to discuss strategies to engage fathers in promoting gender equality and reducing gender-based violence.

Started in 1994 as a youth-focused HIV and AIDS action group, today AMAL is one of the most visible advocates for prevention, treatment, and awareness in Pakistan. For the purpose of tackling the HIV and AIDS and GBV issues, AMAL focuses to understand and work with different types of masculinities.