Around the world, MenCare partners are promoting involved fatherhood through film

MenCare’s media campaigns, adapted around the world, inspire men, their families, and their communities to support men’s caregiving. As part of these campaigns, MenCare partners in more than 10 countries have produced short films that tell powerful stories of men rising above violence, overcoming childhood trauma, and combatting traditional gender norms to become involved fathers and caregivers. These films play a key role in encouraging viewers to promote gender equality and nonviolence with their children, their partners, and their communities.

Below, we shine a spotlight on films from five MenCare partners around the world:


Да бъдеш Баща (“To Be A Dad”)
Language: Bulgarian with English subtitles

This film from MenCare Bulgaria promotes involved fatherhood by shattering stereotypes about what it means to be a “real man.”

MenCare Bulgaria is coordinated by Association Roditeli.


Surga Kecil di Bondowoso (“Small Paradise in Bondowoso”)
Language: Indonesian with English subtitles

A documentary from MenCare Indonesia follows a religious teacher in Bondowoso who is upholding women’s rights and engaging men in domestic work in his community.

MenCare Indonesia is coordinated by Rutgers WPF Indonesia.


Vos sos mi papa (“You Are My Father”)
Language: Spanish

This video from the MenCare Nicaragua’s “You Are My Father” campaign narrates the importance of being an equitable, affectionate father and partner.

MenCare Nicaragua is coordinated by the Red de Masculinidad por la Igualdad de Género (REDMAS) and Fundación Puntos de Encuentro.

Sri Lanka:

MenCare Project World Vision Lanka
Language: Tamil

A television spot from MenCare Sri Lanka – which reached 40 percent of national TV viewers – speaks to the importance of fathers’ involvement in child development and education.

MenCare Sri Lanka is coordinated by World Vision Lanka.


Turkey’s MenCare Campaign
Language: Turkish with English subtitles

This film from MenCare Turkey‘s “You Are My Father” campaign, which is shown to local fatherhood groups in the country, shares important messages for fathers – from children.

MenCare Turkey is coordinated by AÇEV.