“The Art of Family Living” highlights fathers’ stories of change in Sri Lanka

Cartoon image of family from the cover of "The Art of Family Living."

MenCare partner World Vision Lanka recently published a compilation of 13 stories, entitled The Art of Family Living, from MenCare participants in the Patana and Devon Area Development Programmes. These stories from fathers show the ways in which MenCare in Sri Lanka has improved child protection, health and nutrition, and education; couple relationships; and peace and harmony in the home.

MenCare programming began in the Patana and Devon Area Development Programmes in 2014. World Vision Lanka invited 120 men to participate in a six-month cycle of fathers’ groups based on MenCare’s Program P, concluding the program with a three-day retreat for participants and their families. The stories from fathers who participated in the program show the process of transformation that took place within their families, highlighting men’s capacity for love, equality, and care and demonstrating the benefits for all when men are engaged as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers.

Read The Art of Family Living here.