“Dear Father” campaign launches in Bangladesh to engage fathers in violence prevention

Family with young child in Bangladesh. Photo credit: Afsana Begum OrthyIn September, the Center for Men and Masculinities Studies and Equimundo launched the Priyo Baba (“Dear Father”) campaign in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The campaign, whose motto is “Responsible Father, Happy Family, Prosperous Country,” encourages men’s involvement as equitable and non-violent fathers and partners. The launch brought together more than 150 students, professors, and civil society representatives to learn about the campaign. The half-day event took place at the University of Dhaka and was co-organized with the school’s Department of Women and Gender Studies.

At the event, the Center for Men and Masculinities Studies shared findings from a needs assessment on men’s involvement in maternal, newborn, and child health that was conducted with men and women in five districts. The needs assessment findings will inform the contextual adaptation of Program P for use with couples and health care providers in Bangladesh.

The Priyo Baba campaign is part of an integrated project that works with fathers, health care providers, and communities to prevent violence against women and children in Bangladesh. The project is funded by the UBS Optimus Fund, with technical support from Equimundo. The Center for Men and Masculinities Studies is a member of the MenEngage Alliance and is the Secretariat of the Engage Men and Boys Network in Bangladesh.