Father’s Day in Russia: A widely celebrated but unofficial holiday

Parents and children play games outside.

While widely celebrated in Russia, Father’s Day remains an unofficial holiday. In June 2016, MenCare partners celebrated by taking part in festivities held across the country.

The cities of Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Orenburg celebrated Father’s Day with festivals called “FatherFest.” And, for the fifth year, St. Petersburg organized an urban celebration entitled “Daddy-Starts.” Events included video games, arts and crafts, 3D modeling, dancing, and sports tournaments, while many families also celebrated the day with games and activities held in public parks and town squares.

Theses gatherings helped to show the variety of ways fathers can spend time with their children, and that caregiving can be both rewarding and fun. This year, families set up a petition to the government to make Father’s Day a national holiday.