The MenCare 50/50 Commitment for Employers

MenCare 50/50 Commitment applications are now open!

The MenCare Global Fatherhood campaign is now accepting Expressions of Interest from businesses to be included in the 2023 cohort of the MenCare 50/50 Commitment for Employers.

What is the MenCare 50/50 Commitment for Employers?

To sign the Commitment, employers must have tangible plans or show progress on two or more of the following:

  • Working towards the establishment of equal, paid, non-transferable parental leave for all parents employed by the company.
  • Implementing family-friendly workplace policies such as care days, remote working, flexitime, child-care or breastfeeding facilities.
  • Implementing evidence based educational programs for men on workplace gender equality.
  • Promoting care equality with internal company public relations and marketing channels.
  • Tracking indicators on care equality in company surveys and reports. (For example, the ratio of men compared to women who take parental leave).

The research is clear: inclusive, supportive workplaces result in increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and sustainable growth. Strategies like the MenCare 50/50 Commitment for Employers resonate with boards, constituents, investors, and customers, and can increase your organization’s impact.

While many efforts to promote gender equality at work have focused on supporting women directly in their participation and advancement – as they should – men must be part of a holistic and sustainable solution. That’s where the MenCare 50/50 Commitment for Employers comes in.

Eligible companies that have been validated by MenCare Global as 2023 MenCare 50/50 Commitment Makers will be:

  • Announced and highlighted at the July 2023 Women Deliver conference in Kigali.
  • Profiled on the MenCare Global website, with live updates on progress towards equality with a live tracking platform.
  • Given access to the MenCare Global 50/50 Commitment trademarked logo  for use on company materials.

There is no entry fee required, but the available slots are limited, and commitment maker slots will be assigned at the discretion of Equimundo and Sonke’s selection panel. 

Send your company’s expression of interest to MenCare Global by emailing us at info@men-care.org with a brief motivation of your entry and explanation of your interest.