In Bulgaria, MenCare goes to school

Participants in MenCare Bulgaria's educational workshop for first-grade teachers.

In September and October, MenCare Bulgaria partner Association Roditeli launched its second educational workshop for teachers. Sixteen first-grade teachers from four schools in northwestern Bulgaria attended the workshop to discuss good practices for building closer connections between fathers, their children, and the school community.

The first-grade teachers’ workshop is an extension of Association Roditeli’s work with kindergartens last year in Kozloduij and Selanovtsi, Bulgaria. The main objective of the second workshop was to focus on children’s adjustment to the first grade and to discuss obstacles to, and good practices for, involving fathers and male role models in children’s education.

The MenCare Bulgaria team reports that the training was a success in helping teachers understand the importance of actively involving fathers. While strongly ingrained and conservative stereotypes continue to influence many teachers’ beliefs about gender roles, the MenCare team aims to challenge these with positive messaging about fathers’ roles in gender equality.