It’s time for men to commit to doing a fairer share of the care work at home

It’s time for men to commit to doing a fairer share of the care work at home, and men around the world are being invited to do just that. With the MenCare 50/50 commitment, men can share how they show up as dedicated, present caregivers to their grandparents, parents, partners, community, children, etc.

We know many men already provide care, and it’s important your examples of care are modeled to future and current caregivers.


As parents to a one-year old and puppy, there’s no shortage of care work to be done around the house. But so often, the menial household labor that keeps everything running falls on our partners. From the beginning, my partner and I have been committed to ensuring a fair balance at home. This isn’t always easy, and needs to be maintained through lots of conversation, therapy, date nights and – yes – frustration. But it’s all in service of a life where we get to tend to our family, our work lives, our community, and our time away from it all too.



I took the MenCare 50/50 Commitment because it’s important to take visible responsibility and accountability for living a truly equal life at home. Plus, the work of supporting my family members, looking after the house, and keeping open, empathetic communication at all times isn’t a burden or chore, it’s what helps me feel whole as a human being.





Firmé el compromiso con el afán de motivarme a mí mismo a hacer más por mí, por quiénes quiero, por la comunidad que me acoge y el planeta que nos alberga. Para mí esta iniciativa es además una forma de probarle al mundo y a nosotros mismos que querer y cuidar son acciones naturales  para todas, todos y todes; que cuidar y querer son lo que nos hace humanos.

I signed the commitment in order to move myself to do more for me, those I love, my community and the planet that houses us. To me, this initiative is also a way to prove to the world that caring is natural to all, including men. That caring for others is what makes us human.



I made the 50/50 commitment as a promise to myself and my family to be a full participant in my household, not to simply do some chores if my wife asks me to but being an equal co-manager of our family and assuming all the responsibilities that come with that. It’s also important for me to role model this for my son. I want him to see it as completely normal that his dad proactively cooks and cleans and runs errands, not grudgingly or as a “favor,” but because I love my family.


Will you make the MenCare 50/50 commitment and show the world that men are committed to a fairer share of the work at home?

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