MenCare Bulgaria launches national campaign “Being a Father”

A father and his daughter have a tea party while surrounded my stuffed animal friends in Bulgaria.An alliance of 10 NGOs that have experience working with children, parents, and educational and social institutions recently announced the launch of a new campaign called “Being a Father” in Bulgaria. This initiative, which forms part of the global MenCare Campaign, focuses on the benefits of men’s active participation in childcare and family care.

“Being a Father” aims to increase the proportion of fathers who are actively involved in childcare by providing a variety of opportunities to engage positively in children’s lives in supportive, non-violent family environments. The campaign will provide fathers – and all parents and guardians – with access to practical resources about child development and caregiving. Its main activities will include a national media campaign, educational workshops with professionals and parents in schools, and the creation of a network of organizations that are committed to working to produce policy changes and positive male involvement in children’s lives.

As part of the campaign, MenCare Bulgaria has launched a new website, which includes campaign information, personal stories, news, events, resources and information (in Bulgarian) on how to join the movement. Don’t miss this interview with John Crownover, Program Advisor at CARE International and MenEngage Europe, about the launch of the campaign.