MenCare Bulgaria releases results of study on male involvement in childcare

A father and his daughter have a tea party while surrounded my stuffed animal friends in Bulgaria.MenCare Bulgaria conducted a study assessing attitudes and norms around men’s participation in caregiving. Entitled “Attitudes, Practices, and Barriers to Active Men’s Engagement in Child Care,” the study highlights the importance of the active involvement of men in children’s lives, and it aims to shed light on social norms related to gender roles in the household. A key finding of the study is that while engaged fatherhood has become more widely accepted in Bulgarian society, the proportion of fathers who are involved in childcare, education, and health is considerably lower than that of mothers.

Participants reported the stigma of male involvement in caregiving as a barrier to engagement. The study found that the main barriers to the active involvement of men in childcare and home activities were a preoccupation with providing financial security, stereotypes around men and caregiving, and insufficient public awareness of the importance of the paternal role in child care.

For more information on the study, contact Deyan Petrov, Head of MenCare Bulgaria’s “Being a Father” Campaign.