MenCare Cape Verde sends Father’s Day suggestions to parents and teachers

Cape Verde's "Ami e Pai" MenCare campaign logo“Ami ê Pai,” the MenCare campaign in Cape Verde, circulated a letter to teachers, educators, parents and guardians proposing constructive ways to celebrate International Father’s Day on March 19. The letter encouraged parents to dedicate time and care to their children on the holiday. It also suggested that schools work with children to develop positive messages to strengthen their relationships with their fathers, such as:

  • Dad, I like when you take care of my health.
  • Dad, I want you to be my best friend.
  • Dad, I love hanging out with you.

The letter recommended that parents and family members increase their participation in school-related activities, noting that a significant percentage of parents living with their children have low levels of involvement in their children’s education.

The National Commission for Human Rights and Citizenship and the White Ribbon Campaign (Rede Laço Branco), partners of the MenCare campaign in Cape Verde, authored the letter.

Read the full letter in Portuguese here.