MenCare Chile launches “Active Fatherhood” materials at public health centers across the country

MenCare Chile's Active Fatherhood Guide coverEME-CulturaSalud, a coordinator of MenCare Chile, recently published an innovative “Active Fatherhood” guide and poster in Spanish with information for new fathers and male caregivers. Two hundred thousand copies of the first edition will be distributed at public health centers across Chile, which serve 70% of the country’s population.

The goal of the posters and guides is to support new fathers in practicing active fatherhood, beginning with the very first stages of a child’s life. Themes in the guide include: supporting your child in each stage of his/her development; supporting your partner/child’s mother throughout pregnancy and during the postpartum period; services available to support active fatherhood; and tips and advice for being a present, active father.

While previous fatherhood guides had been written for healthcare professionals, this is the first guide geared toward fathers themselves. EME-CulturaSalud developed the Active Fatherhood materials jointly with UNICEF Chile and Chile Crece Contigo.