MenCare Global Meeting promotes positive images of men and fatherhood around the world through poster and photo exhibition

The MenCare Global Meeting 2017, held in Belgrade, Serbia on June 8–10, featured a “Global Fatherhood Photo and Poster Exhibition” with contributions from more than 16 MenCare partners around the world.

From Peru to South Africa, from Indonesia to Serbia, many men are taking a greater role in unpaid care. The exhibition’s photos and posters aim to spread positive images of men as fathers and as caregivers.

The personal photos illustrate that being a father means more than earning an income and that men have the capacity to provide unconditional love and emotional support to their partners and their children, as well as to be equal partners at home: whether that means picking up a broom or changing a diaper.

MenCare presented its “Global Fatherhood Photo and Poster Exhibition” alongside the Swedish Dads exhibition, which features portraits of fathers who choose to stay home with their babies for at least six months by photographer Johan Bävman. The Swedish Dads exhibition is produced by the Swedish Institute (SI) in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Serbia.

See a selection of the photos and posters from the MenCare exhibition below, and check out more posters from MenCare partners here.