MenCare+ Indonesia holds forum on involving men in ending gender-based violence

MenCare-Indonesia-forumOn November 7, MenCare+ Indonesia (“Laki Laki Peduli“) held a public event with White Ribbon Campaign Co-Founder Michael Kaufman in Jakarta, Indonesia to discuss ending violence against women by engaging men and boys as allies. At the event, which around 250 people attended, Kaufman emphasized the importance of having men speak out to end violence against women. He highlighted the need to promote positive masculinities and change the way that young men are brought up by redefining traditional gender norms and stereotypes.

Kaufman also discussed the impact of equality within the home on child health and development. “Children are happier, more well-adjusted when men are more involved as parents. They are less likely to use violence. Men who do childcare and house chores are proven to be healthier,” Kaufman said.

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