MenCare Partner Deeds Driven Dads kicks off fatherhood trainings in the Caribbean

Deeds Driven Dads, a responsible fatherhood training and advocacy program in the United States and the Caribbean, is kicking off its third season of innovative fatherhood engagement trainings throughout the Caribbean.

With initiatives targeting fathers, father figures, and future fathers, Deeds Driven Dads in partnership with several Caribbean Ministries and advocacy partners – including the Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) – will facilitate a weeklong series of trainings and events from Jamaica to Trinidad. This week of hands-on training will focus on providing emerging fatherhood intervention and outreach programs with tools, resources, curricula, and strategic planning activities.

In addition, Deeds Driven Dads will be coordinating the emergency response trainings with presentations from Regional Disaster Management teams and International Relief teams to prepare participants rescue, CPR, communications, and evacuation procedures in the midst of the hurricane season.