MenCare partner Parteciparte’s play spreads messages about caring forms of masculinity across Italy

Four men on a stage, with one man embracing another.

In Italy, MenCare partner Parteciparte is using its Theatre of the Oppressed to engage men and boys in exploring positive and caring forms of masculinity. Proving successful in Rome, the play “Uomini Che Provano” [“Men Who Try”] is now being performed in local community venues across the country.

The play features a range of topics and scenes, from schools and funerals to first-time relationships and separations. Audience members are encouraged to intervene and participate on stage in order to practice nonviolent strategies for preventing violence. By speaking out, men and boys use their actions to challenge traditional and narrow scripts of masculinity.

Venues that carry out education around rape culture, anger management, and counseling are where “Uomini Che Provano” has experienced the greatest success. Parents, students, and educators who have participated in the play appreciate having an outlet for rehearsing change and creating new narratives around manhood and gender equality.