MenCare Shares


We’re excited to introduce “MenCare Shares,” a new question-and-answer feature in our monthly newsletter! Each month we’ll ask our readers a question, and the following month we’ll publish your answers. In August, we asked partners:

What do you do to get fathers involved?

“We explain to the father through sensitization and mobilization, the triple advantages and direct interest of his involvement for the child and his wife, for himself, and for the socio-economic development of the whole family.”
– Moise Ngendahayo from MenCare+ Rwanda

“Expectant mothers are our best partners in the organization of the first meetings with fathers. They stimulate fathers to visit the first lesson. But to attract men into the following classes – that would be the task for the moderator.”
– Nikolay Ermin from MenCare Russia

“Father facilitators use the testimonies from the couples (men and women) who are role models in the community in caring for babies, supporting their wives in household chores, etc. The group members discuss with the couples the benefits for the family. Through these testimonies, fathers have the willingness to be involved.”
– Emmanuel Karamage from MenCare+ Rwanda

Send in your answers to next month’s question! September’s MenCare Shares question is:

When you’re working with fathers, what’s their favorite topic to discuss?

Please email your response to by August 31, 2014.