MenCare Sri Lanka celebrates fatherhood through national television campaign

World Vision Sri Lanka, MenCare Sri Lanka’s coordinator, launched two MenCare TV spots on national television to promote men’s involvement as gender-equitable caregivers. The videos were created in Sri Lanka’s two official languages to ensure that every Sri Lankan can understand their messages. The clips (30 seconds each) were telecast as advertisements on Rupavahini, Sri Lanka’s national TV channel, in the Sinhala language, and on Shakthi TV, the national Tamil language channel. Telecasting at peak hours, the spots captured around 40 percent of Sri Lanka’s regular TV viewers.

The videos show how the involvement of fathers as caregivers for their children can have benefits for children’s education, security, growth and care.

Check out the videos below!

Translation from Sinhala: “My father held me in his arms for the first time. With a world full of responsibility, he showed me the boundaries of the earth and sky; he became the strength of my life, the hero of my world. As much as my mother’s love, my father’s love gave light to my life. Men Teach, Men Change, Men Share, Men Respect, MenCare. Fathers are the guardian angels of our lives. Let us give meaning to fatherhood. World Vision Lanka.”

Translation from Tamil: “As a father, I am very happy to participate in my child’s development from the first stepping stones of his life. I believe that this is a responsibility for all fathers. As much as a mother’s love, the father’s protection is also important in a child’s life. Men Teach, Men Change, Men Share, Men Respect, MenCare. Celebrating Fatherhood. World Vision Lanka.”

Through these two short clips, MenCare Sri Lanka is helping us to support and encourage millions of fathers to be a change that positively affects the lives of women, children and men themselves.