New Latvian campaign promotes active fatherhood

A father in an apron sits next to his daughter, who is painting his nails.MenCare Latvia’s coordinator Center Dardedze launched a national campaign in Latvia called “It is an Art to Be a Father” as part of its ongoing activities to promote fathers’ engagement in caregiving. The aim of the campaign, held from December 2014 to March 2015, was to promote active fatherhood by showing its impact on a child’s life. The campaign included posters and a video that illustrate positive father-child relationships and their impact.

“Indeed, to be a father is an art – to be able to emphasize the essential values – children and family alongside the rhythm of the modern life. To find the time on daily basis, to give children undivided attention, to build relationships. These are the most vital preconditions for a healthy child’s development. We invite fathers to spend more time with children and to do it in such a way that both sides would enjoy it,” says Mārtiņš Egle, director of Center Dardedze.

As part of the new campaign, Center Dardedze administered an online survey among Latvian men ages 18 to 65 to gain a better understanding of their attitudes and opinions on the role of the father – including its influence on child development – and the challenges and expectations faced by modern fathers. Fifty-two percent of fathers admitted that they spend more time with their children than their fathers did, and 93 percent stated that they would love to spend more time with their children. These results indicate that a societal shift has occurred, which may be the reason for fathers’ growing engagement in parenting.

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