New MenCare co-coordinator joins Equimundo team

Equimundo is excited to announce that Tim Shand, Vice President for Advocacy and Partnerships, will be representing Equimundo as the new MenCare global co-coordinator. Ruti Levtov, who served as MenCare global co-coordinator since 2013, will be supporting Tim in this transition, and will continue to be involved in MenCare in other capacities.

Tim brings to the position over a decade of experience providing leadership on programming, research, and advocacy to advance gender equality and gender justice, particularly in the area of engaging men in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Many know him from his role at Sonke Gender Justice and his involvement in the MenEngage Alliance. We are excited to have Tim working with MenCare to advance our common goals, building new opportunities and partnerships.

A message from Ruti:

“It has truly been an honor and privilege to be a part of MenCare during a time of enormous growth and learning. I joined Equimundo and MenCare just after the first MenCare Global Meeting in 2013, and since then, we’ve had many new partners and regions join and share their experiences and commitment. We’ve produced two State of the World’s Fathers reports (and shared the numerous country and regional reports), and finally, of course, held the second MenCare Global Meeting this past June in Belgrade.

“The topic of men’s roles in caregiving has become more visibly part of the global advocacy agenda. I’m continually inspired by how powerful our work can be, creating a narrative about equality, caring, and love.

“Thank you to all of the partners for the important work that you do, and to my co-coordinator Wessel, to our Steering Committee and trusted advisors, to my colleagues at Equimundo who share in the work and leadership on MenCare, and to all of MenCare’s friends and colleagues.”