“Paternity doesn’t mean patriarchy”: MenCare partner Parteciparte hosts theater festival to promote equality

A man and child participate in Parteciparte held its TranSparent festival.
Participants in Parteciparte’s TranSparent theater festival.

MenCare partner Parteciparte held its TranSparent festival in Rome, Italy on October 1-2, 2016, using interactive theater to dismantle patriarchal ideas about gender and parenthood.

The TranSparent festival used performance to promote the ideas that all relationships must be based on consent, that care is the responsibility of all, that homophobia not homosexuality is a problem, and that paternity doesn’t mean patriarchy. During the festival, groups of youth and adults discussed oppression and feminism and shared their experiences as parents, as LGBT individuals, as immigrants to Italy, as people with disabilities, and as children.

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