Preventing violence against women by engaging men

LakiLakiPedulilaunchThis Wednesday, Rutgers WPF Indonesia, launched Laki-Laki Peduli, the Indonesian adaptation of MenCare+, a four-country initiative to promote gender equality and involved fatherhood and to prevent gender-based violence.

During the launch a remarkable short documentary directed by Indonesian filmmaker Nia Dinata was shown. A broad audience of representatives from the government, NGOs, UN Agencies and the donor community watched ‘A Little Piece of Heaven in Bondowoso. The documentary is the moving story of Ustadz Muhammad Nur Salim and his wife Ustadzah Nur Fadillah. Muhammad Nur Salim is an Ustadz, an Islamic teacher, who leads a life in high respect to gender equality in Bondowoso, an area in East Java.

The film shows how Ustadz Muhammad practices what he preaches, respecting and supporting his wife’s leading role in society and setting an example for the broader religious community. Ustadz Muhammad and his wife were present at the launch. Humble but firm and peaceful. “When I started the documentary I was not sure I would find these enlightening stories in my own country,” says Nia Dinata, the filmmaker. “I was so proud to meet Ustadz Muhammad and tell his story.”

Also two clips were shown of the MenCare+ ambassadors, the famous actor Lukman Sardi and Ersa Mayori, a well-known TV presenter and MC. In Public Service Announcements they lead by example, showing how they and their partners take on the division of care for their children.

Representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment have expressed their full support to Laki-Laki Peduli, and regard it as key to reduce violence against women and maternal mortality. During the launch different voices from Indonesian society agreed that time is ready to move towards a new set of values based on mutual respect, caregiving and non-violence, as part of new forms of masculinities.

At the films with Lukman Sardi and Ersa Mayori are available, together with the documentary and different posters. Please find pictures from the launch event of MenCare+ Indonesia here.

Laki-Laki Peduli is implemented by Rutgers WPF Indonesia, together with Rifka Annisa, Pulih, PKBI Lampung, PKBI East Java, and Aliansi Laki-Laki Baru. MenCare+ is part of the global MenCare campaign and runs in Brazil, Indonesia, Rwanda and South Africa. MenCare+ is supported by Rutgers WPF and Equimundo.