Putting Together the “Life Puzzle” in Russia

A photo exhibition in Russia on fatherhood and gender equalityChildren, parents, job, home, money and gender equality are different parts of what the Swedish call a life puzzle. How can one harmoniously fit these pieces together? Possible answers were provided at a photo exhibition, which opened on November 14th in St. Petersburg.

‘Life Puzzle’ is an exhibition about the father’s role and how society can make it easier to combine gender equality, parenting and career aspirations. In Sweden, the achievement of gender equality is an important political objective, and active measures are taken to increase the number of men taking paternity leave.

At the exhibition, Pål Sommelius presented 24 photos of everyday family life in Sweden. These pictures were discussed and compared with Russian practices at round tables and work meetings organized as part of the exhibition. The exhibition is being shown at the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg between November 14th and December 31st, and is organized by the St. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute and Northern Way with the financial support from the Swedish Institute.