MenCare in Africa Media Kit

A Toolkit for MenEngage Africa organizations working with media

This Media Kit seeks to promote men as caregivers and fathers, through media campaigns, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives. Different campaigns tell the stories of men who challenge stereotypes to become more involved caregivers for their children. Other initiatives engage policymakers to legislate paid leave for new parents.

Media is a powerful tool to reach people with these messages, to educate and influence public opinion and debate. Media has enormous potential to affect social and individual change. But we must use it well and wisely if it is to change the quality of people’s lives in a meaningful and sustained way.

This Toolkit offers guidelines on how to use the power of media and stories to promote MenCare. It aims to inspire and give fresh ideas on how to harness the power of media to reach large audiences. It explores how to use stories to move people emotionally and catalyze discussion and debate. We explain simple models of behavior change for you to consider when you design your campaign.