State of Nordic Fathers

Fatherhood norms have changed considerably in the Nordic countries over the past decades. The sight of a father pushing his baby in a pram is no longer rare, and parental leave is no longer for mothers only. Yet parental leave is still not shared equally, despite parents having the right. Nordic fathers only use 10-30 percent of the total leave. State of Nordic Fathers examines why; and identifies possible avenues to increase fathers’ share of childcare and leave. Ten key findings reveal that fathers’ involvement is a key to gender equality and fathers who have taken long leave distinguish themselves in many respects from those who took none. State of Nordic Fathers is based on a survey capturing the attitudes of 7,515 men and women, mostly parents, in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, on childcare work, parental leave, masculinity norms, and workplace and family relationships.

Read some of the key findings here.