Center E8 launches “Super Dad” newsletter, leads new research and photo exhibition on involved fatherhood in Serbia

A father kisses his baby. Photo: Branko Birač / Centar E8.
Photo: Branko Birač / Centar E8

During the past month, MenCare’s partner in Serbia, Center E8, launched a new email newsletter about fatherhood and caregiving, as part of its “Super Dad” campaign. The first issue was released at the end of July 2016.

Each “Super Dad” newsletter features an article by a well-known father writing about his experiences, his family, and his perspectives on engaged and equitable fatherhood. In addition to the feature article, the newsletter shares news and resources related to fatherhood and caregiving from Serbia, the Balkans, and around the world.

Center E8 has also recently begun preparation for a new publication and a photo exhibition highlighting involved fatherhood in Serbia.

To inform its new report, the organization is currently conducting interviews with more than 20 fathers and stakeholders.

A group of photography students, who participated in workshops organized by Center E8 on equality and care, have also been enlisted to take photographs related to “Super Dad” campaign themes. Their work will be displayed as part of a photo exhibition this autumn.

“Super Dad” campaign activities are coordinated by Center E8 and supported by UNFPA in Serbia and CARE International Balkans.