Creating family-wide and community-wide transformation in Sri Lanka

In 2015 and 2016, World Vision Lanka has engaged hundreds of fathers in the Ambagamuwa Area Development Program (ADP) in caregiving and gender equality, working to create family-wide and community-wide transformation through its MenCare programming.

World Vision Lanka has shared stories of the changes men have undergone as a part of the program: reducing their use of violence, becoming more involved fathers, and becoming more supportive partners. But, what do their wives have to say?

Below, we hear from the wives of MenCare participants to find out how the program has impacted not only men, but also their relationships and families:


“My husband now sits with me to do money management. We both plan together and prepare the family’s budget on the day we receive our salaries. We decide what we have to purchase for our family and children. Before, my husband decided everything alone.”
– Kalaichelvi

Alcohol consumption:

My husband has reduced his alcohol consumption after attending MenCare classes. I feel happy to see his change.
– P. Puwaneshwary

My husband has now stopped his alcohol consumption. We save that money [that he used to spend on alcohol] and deposit it in our children’s bank account.”
– Sagunthala


Now my husband is spending more time with our children. I am very happy.
– P. Katpagam

Anger management:

“Now my husband does not get very angry. Before the MenCare program, he used to get angry a lot.”
– Rajaletchumy


My husband is now helping me to do the household work. I can see these changes after attending the MenCare family retreat program.
– S. Annamma

Family time:

“At least once a day, we have a meal together as family, which gives us happiness and connection.”
– Pathmawadhi

From left to right: Kalaichelvi, Rajaletchumy, Pathmawadhi, and each of their respective families.
From left to right: Kalaichelvi, Rajaletchumy, Pathmawadhi, and their respective families.