Happy Father’s Day from MenCare!

Happy Father’s Day from MenCare!

Although all eyes are on Brazil for the World Cup, this Father’s Day, take half an hour to explore what some of Brazil’s fathers are up to off the field.

Today is the one day when individuals in many countries around the world take the time to highlight fathers, but we know that being an involved and caring dad is essential year round.

Being present and involved from the start: as a father, a coach, an uncle, or a friend can have a powerful impact on a child’s life – which is clear in the new documentary “Becoming Papa.”

Set in Rio de Janeiro, the film highlights the importance of work being done in Brazil – and worldwide – to teach fathers the power of nonviolence and the strength of equality.

Please note that this film, particularly its introduction, contains graphic scenes of violence.

“Becoming Papa,” a new documentary from PBS-To The Contrary, highlights the work of the MenCare Campaign and co-coordinator Equimundo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to transform fathers, families and communities.

The film tells the stories of two men, Marcio and Fumaça, who overcome childhood experiences of violence and combat negative expectations of what it means to be a man, becoming involved, invested fathers for their own children.

Equimundo and MenCare work with community leaders and activists to improve Rio de Janeiro’s favelas by creating safe spaces for men to talk about gender-equitable relationships, shared caregiving, health promotion and violence prevention. Men learn how they can be involved from the start, attending prenatal visits with their partners, learning how to make joint decisions regarding maternal and child health and discovering how to take better care of their own health as well.