Introducing “Men Can Do It,” MenCare’s Russian language website

MenCanDoItOn April 15, MenCare Russia launched “Men Can Do It,” a new MenCare Campaign website for Eastern Europe. The Russian language website has been redesigned to better disseminate information in Russian on MenCare, to organize partnerships and cooperation around fatherhood in the region, and to make information on the campaign more readily available to professionals and the media.

The website features information about the global MenCare Campaign and its mission, as well as event announcements, regional news and a quarterly newsletter focused on Eastern Europe. It also includes extensive resources, from research and training manuals to a section on mass media, as well as accounts of individual fathers who have made a difference in their families and communities.

The programs section of the website highlights six active fatherhood initiatives in the region: “Father Schools” and the “Fathers’ Council” in Russia; the “Father Can” program and “Dads’ Art Project” in Belarus; the “To Become Closer” program in Poland; and Father’s Day throughout the region.

The website also integrates various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Visit to see the new website.