In Italy, Parteciparte uses theater to promote inclusion and equality in parenting

Banner promoting the TranSparent theater festival in Italy.MenCare partner Parteciparte is using theater to transform fatherhood in Italy. Its TranSparent festival, held on October 1-2 in Rome, will use interactive performances to dismantle patriarchal ideas about parenthood and to promote inclusion and equality in parenting.

Organizations from across Italy will participate in the festival, which aims to feature plays and performances, stories from community groups, and audience engagement. The festival will tackle various themes related to parenthood, from violence and inequitable gender norms to homophobia and special needs. The event will provide participants with the opportunity to not only discuss but to also visualize and act out the changes that they want to see in their lives.

Parteciparte, based in Rome, uses theater to deconstruct traditional roles, particularly those related to masculinity and fatherhood. Parteciparte is a MenCare partner, a member of the Italian MenEngage network, and a member of the “Il giardino dei padri” network on fatherhood and caregiving.