MenCare Bulgaria’s “Fathers’ Week” promotes involved, nonviolent fatherhood

A father and his children ride their bikes through a park in Bulgaria.A consortium of 10 NGOs that work with children, parents, and educational and social institutions in Bulgaria held “Fathers’ Week” from November 17 to 23, 2014, as part of MenCare Bulgaria’s national “Being a Father” campaign. The event raised awareness about the benefits of active fatherhood in promoting a violence-free family environment and healthy child development.

The initiative attracted 40 schools, 30 NGOs, 15 state and cultural institutions, and 15 clubs across the country. The campaign also received coverage from 56 national and regional TV and radio stations, newspapers, and online media channels. The event’s success highlights the power of the campaign’s messaging, and the building momentum and attention to involved fatherhood in the region.