MenCare+ Indonesia Hosts Multiple Workshops to Prevent Sexual Violence

MenCare-IndonesiaRifka Annisa WCC, one of MenCare+ Indonesia’s partners, held the workshop “Outbound with Partners” – Outbond bersama pasangan – around the theme of the healthy relationships on May 10 near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The workshop aimed to improve relationships and communication between partners and had the motto “Love = Care + Share.”

More than 80 participants – including fathers, mothers and children – participated in “Outbound with Partners.” Through games and sports, families learned about the social context of gender-based violence and its consequences.

Rifka Annisa WCC organizes regular discussions involving mothers/wives, fathers/husbands and children to bolster communication within the family and household, and to strengthen awareness around childcare, sexual and reproductive health and healthy relationships. These workshops also aim to establish and strengthen intimacy and dialogue between partners.

In collaboration with Rutgers WPF Indonesia (MenCare+ Indonesia’s coordinator), the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association of Bandar Lampung also held a recent training initiative involving approximately 50 people in two different districts of Lampung, aimed at changing mindsets about gender equality and improving maternal and child health.

These trainings addressed topics such as family planning, maternal and child health and the sharing of domestic work and childcare responsibilities between men and women. They also tackled issues such as gender-based violence. Pre- and post-tests showed that participants’ knowledge about the issues addressed in the workshops improved significantly after the trainings.