MenCare+ Rwanda partners with over 100 health care providers to get men involved

Health providers hold up their certificates after completing training with MenCare+ Rwanda (Bandebereho) in a group photo.Health providers are one of the key partners in engaging men in maternal and child health (MCH) and in sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Since MenCare+ Rwanda (or “Bandebereho”) began, health providers have shown significant interest in joining the initiative. In August, more than 105 health providers officially became MenCare+ Bandebereho partners as they participated in a workshop organized by MenCare+ Bandebereho and the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

In total, MenCare+ Rwanda has held four workshops with health care providers, each featuring discussions on gender, human rights and local policies on SRH, with a special focus on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and on MCH.

MenCare+ is a three-year, four-country collaboration between Rutgers WPF and Equimundo, created to engage men, ages 15-35, as partners in MCH and SRH.