MenCare Shares


We’re excited to present the second installment of “MenCare Shares,” a new question-and-answer feature in our monthly newsletter! Last month, we asked partners and readers:

When you’re working with fathers, what’s their favorite topic to discuss?

“Their favorite topics to discuss are different tactics used to stop babies crying and how to handle teenage children.” – Puva from MenEngage Alliance Sri Lanka

“They like to discuss the education of their children, income and the husband and wife’s relationship.” – Yoga Perera from MenCare Sri Lanka (Ambagamuwa Area Development Program)

“The discussion with fathers in Rwanda is mainly about 15 topics that are included in the [MenCare+ Rwanda] manuals. Discussion with fathers revealed that their favorite topic to discuss is the topic entitled ‘Gender Equality.’ This topic features two activities: the activity entitled ‘Gender Values’, in which they explore values and attitudes about men and women, and the activity entitled ‘What is this thing called gender?’, which aims at igniting discussions about the differences between sex and gender and reflecting on how gender norms influence the lives and relationships of young women.” – The team from MenCare+ Rwanda (“Bandebereho”)