Happy Mother’s Day from MenCare!

This Sunday marks Mother’s Day for many of us around the world, and this year Mother’s Day will be quite different.

From our partners in over 50 countries globally, we celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, teachers, coaches, and role models who play an important role in our children’s lives. And we show our appreciation for all of the care work they’ve done, and continue to do, in times of uncertainty.

Today and every day, as fathers and male caregivers, we can express our gratitude by taking on 50 percent of the caregiving, the dishwashing, the planning, and everything else it takes to keep a house, a family, and a society running.

And we can show our support by advocating for laws and policies that support all parents, caregivers, and families, in all of their diversity, to thrive: from affordable childcare to living wages, social support to affordable education, and equal, fully paid, non-transferable parental leave. So, join us in advocating for the MenCare Commitment.

Below are just a few ways our partners around the world are saying “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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