New animated short film explores the complexities of father-daughter relationships


Daughter, a short film by director and animator Daria Kashcheeva, revolves around a complex father-daughter duo; it explores the struggles of navigating both close and distant relationships with family members, and the importance of communication. In Kashcheeva’s words, “The story is about a girl who finds a dead bird and wants to share her pain with her father, looking for solace in his embrace. The father is immersed in his own worries; he is cooking lunch and does not take any notice of his daughter’s mood and desire. The girl takes her father’s behavior as a rejection, and closes up in her inner world, full of longing for her father’s love.” 

Daughter has gained incredible recognition, from receiving the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival’s Best Student Film award to being nominated for an Oscar award for best animated short film. Watch the trailer here.