Rwanda’s First Group Education Sessions Achieve Incredible Success

Bandebereho group educationGroup educations sessions – with fathers, young men, and young women – are one of the main activities carried out by MenCare+ Rwanda, or “Bandebereho.” Group education sessions started more than six weeks ago in the MenCare+ target areas in Rwanda. Although kickoff was slightly delayed by facilitator trainings and manual approval from the Ministry of Health, it is obvious that the long preparation period has already started paying off. Experiences from the field and testimonies from the first sessions are impressive.

One notable example is the role a workshop facilitator played in mediating a relationship on the verge of breaking and the wife on the verge of committing suicide. This is a sign that the project has been designed by taking into account the real problems that society is facing. Not only are beneficiaries happy with the program, but local authorities have also started praising the results. Discussions are already ongoing on how more group education sessions can be conducted, igniting discussion on ownership and sustainability of the project.