Topic sheets on fatherhood show how and why to engage dads

A Topic Sheet for advocates from the Bringing Fathers In seriesA series of topic sheets from MenCare and the Fatherhood Institute focuses on why and how to engage fathers effectively. These smart and punchy one-pagers are designed for an international audience of health, education and social care professionals, policymakers, program managers and designers, researchers and evaluators, mothers and fathers.

Four topic sheets focus on why engaging dads is important, including improving maternal and child health, reducing violence in children’s lives, supporting children’s early learning and taking advantage of the many benefits of paternity leave. Five topic sheets focus on how to engage dads effectively, outlining common mistakes and best practices for engaging fathers, as well as providing a list of top 10 tips.

The topic sheets were made possible by funding from the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Download the full set of topic sheets here and find the research that backs them up on the Fatherhood Institute’s website here.