World Vision Lanka hosts MenCare family retreat in Ambagamuwa around Father’s Day

World Vision Lanka, MenCare Sri Lanka’s coordinator, hosted a MenCare retreat for 20 families in June 2015. Eighty-six participants took part in the two-day residential program for families from the Ambagamuwa Area Development Program.

As part of the retreat activities, MenCare facilitators conducted the two final sessions from their MenCare fathers’ group module, focusing on themes such as active involvement in family life, support for women’s economic empowerment, and reduction of alcohol abuse. Men shared their personal stories of change and their plans to be positively engaged fathers in the future. At the same time, pre-school teachers hosted separate games and activities for the retreat’s youngest participants.

Participants at World Vision Lanka Ambagamuwa ADP's MenCare family retreat in June 2015.
Participants at World Vision Lanka Ambagamuwa ADP’s MenCare family retreat in June 2015.

The MenCare family retreat ended on June 21 – Father’s Day in many countries around the world – with a graduation ceremony for 55 fathers. Fathers received graduation certificates and celebrated their successful completion of the MenCare program with their families, as well as with MenCare program coordinators, facilitators, and mobilizers.