Year in review: MenCare’s top posts of 2015

2015 was an eventful year for MenCare. From the launch of the first State of the World’s Fathers report in 10 cities around the world, to the expansion of the campaign to more than 35 countries, we made significant strides in engaging men around the world as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers.

MenCare shared these successes on our blog and our website, which last year had contributors and visitors from more than 180 countries. In case you missed it, here are our five most read blog posts from 2015:

1. From New York to Nairobi, world’s first State of the World’s Fathers report reveals involved fatherhood is critical to gender equality and child development*


The first State of the World’s Fathers report launched globally on June 16 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Other international launches, in 10 cities around the world, were held at the US Congress as well as parliaments in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. From New York to Nairobi, here are some of the highlights

*Along with other State of the World’s Fathers updates

2. Fathering from the beginning: MenCare partner launches fatherhood campaign in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

A father holds a baby as a another child gives the baby a kiss.

In recent years, communities and countries around the world have begun to perceive fatherhood differently. They are leaving behind the stereotype of “fathers as breadwinners” and emphasizing the active involvement of fathers and other male caregivers – like stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and old brothers – in the lives of children. Fatherhood campaigns, like MenCare, are 

3. During 16 Days, MenCare shares 16 ways fathers can act against gender-based violence


From November 25 to December 10, thousands of organizations around the world participated in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. MenCare joined these voices in advocating and acting against gender-based violence (GBV). The 16 Days Campaign aims to raise awareness, strengthen local and national programs, and advocate for government policies to eliminate all forms 

4. Multi-country MenCare campaign launches in northwest Balkans

A man and a women walk outside on a path holding hands with their young daughter.

CARE International Balkans, supported by Austrian Development Cooperation and Oak Foundation, launched the MenCare campaign in five countries in northwest Balkans on May 15, 2015. MenCare, a global fatherhood campaign, promotes men’s involvement as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family wellbeing, gender equality, and better health for mothers, fathers, and children

5. National committee on men and fatherhood forms in Lima, Peru

Participants at the August 2015 formation of Peru's national fatherhood committee.

Twenty representatives from civil society, government, and United Nations institutions came together to form a Peruvian national committee on fatherhood as part of the MenCare Campaign on August 4-5, 2015. This meeting, facilitated by representatives from the Red Peruana de Masculinidades, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Equimundo, and the MenEngage Alliance, aimed to strengthen collaboration across sectors and